What happened to Spider Pig?


It’s been bugging me lately, and no one seems so have an answer…I even googled every combo of words possible to try to find an answer. I’ll be vague for those who haven’t seen The Simpsons movie yet, but please, if anyone out there knows what happened to Spider Pig, aka Harry Plopper, please post. I mean, Santa’s Little Helper makes an appearance in the end, so why not mention the pig? Maybe I should just assume the “logical” thing that might have happened, but I refuse to use logic! I’m just hoping I missed a vital clue while I was tossing popcorn at various audience members near me.



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5 responses to “What happened to Spider Pig?

  1. Katie

    I know what you freaking mean!! It just seems…weird, like it’s intuitive that spiderpig should come back at the end to round things out. he was just too hilarious not to mention again. it’s a strange oversight on the part of the creators.

  2. Katie

    Hey I just found this!!! cool

    Originally Posted by Vaan
    I’m actually wondering what happened to spider pig! Did he go down with the house?

    The pig returns in the first episode of series 19 which will be aired in the US in September

    The episode will feature a couch gag that is a callback to The Simpsons Movie,[2] Plopper the pig will also feature for the first time in the series, having disappeared without explanation during the film.[3]

    they m ust have left him out on purpose so they could bring him back! 🙂

  3. andrearf

    Wow this is the best new I’ve heard all week! Thank so much for the update!

  4. graval

    Spidey aka Plopper returns in a comic, when krusty looks for it for his commercials… =) Homer calls him now “Ploptimus Prime” and “Wonder Pig”

    -> http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Plopper

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