Again, more procrastination..this was part of the previous post, but Pig noted that it was too long and thus too boring of a post. I was simply getting some uncomfortable feelings out on the table rather than thinking of an audience (blog therapy?).  So, I’ll try to write a little more compact – after all, less is more, eh?

Anyway, tonight I was reading an article about Adam Pesapane, perhaps more commonly known by PES, and his adventures with stop motion and everyday objects. Defined as a “viral artist” he seems to be able to wander in between mediums with much success. So, here is someone with a degree in English and Printmaking who has managed to attract clients like Bacardi and MTV by telling creative little stories with imaginative props and a using some skills gained along the way.

So, while Aardman might be a little too lofty of an ambition for me, PES is still an inspiration that you can take the everyday things around you, apply them to your story, and be successful personally and commercially. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna jump off the worry train at the next stop – it’s all easier said than done…


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