Singing Slugs and insecurities


So instead of working on the millions of thumbnail sketches I need to accomplish this weekend, I’ve been reading up on stop-motion animation. I recently watched both Wallace & Gromit’s Attack of the Were-Rabbit and Flushed Away and was entranced by the process of both of them – technically and all the magical little absurd details in the hear of the stories. I know, Flushed Away was Aardman‘s joint effort with Dreamworks and not stop-motion, but it still had a their hand-crafted feel. And honestly, I just haven’t been able to get those adorable singing slugs out of my mind. I feel like a child – I fell in love with them, and now I want one, or a whole family of em, as a pet. But deep down inside, I’m sad, cuz I know I can’t. Well, those were childhood emotions that surfaced when I would become emotionally attached to fictitious characters – I remember I wanted something like Falcor from the Never Ending Story as a pet, but was so sad that it could never be. I faced my frustrations and built a Falcor out of red Legos instead, which sufficed in the phsycial world.

And that’s how I think I should face my singing-slug sadness – channel it into something creative. Make my own singing, happy creatures, and hope that this fancy education I’m getting will somehow enable me to do this successfully. You know, I should be able to make a smashing logo in a year and a half, but how far will this creative process take me? Can it take me to a storytelling atmosphere beyond the static and 2-dimensional realm of logos and letterheads? Can I be in a position some day where I am creating stories with dancing slugs, designing their cute little forms, but have a group of people that can handle the technicalities of capturing it? I don’t now anything about animation, film, or video…but is being able to tell a good story with strong design skills and heart enough to get me there? Will Aardman love me and import me to England to design googly-eyed squirrels? Well, sorry to ride the worry train, but it happens…I see more and more things I want to do but wonder if I’ll ever be at that point where I can.


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One response to “Singing Slugs and insecurities

  1. I believe in you, And!!! Someday, you’ll be making the best talking claymation snails and squirells, along with pigs and old Yuris with watermelons! 😀

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