Congratulations Sochi!


That’s right, Russia gets the 2014 Winter Olympics. How they beat out Salzburg and South Korea, I don’t know, and don’t want to know. But nonetheless, congrats to the mother land! Perhaps the mighty US will choose to compete this time, as some of you young ones might not know that they boycotted the 1980 summer games in Moscow.

Sochi (pronounced SO-chee) should be an interesting destination, as some call is the Riviera of Russia, while others who have likely traveled more refer to it as the Panama City of the former Soviet Union. Either way, I hope it will be a boost to this seaside city and the country as a whole. I still think it’s funny that this sunny vacation spot is getting the Winter games, when Moscow, which is much further north, got the summer games. I know, I know, close to the Caucus Mountains, better skiing and so forth. Anyway, I haven’t been there yet, but I do hope to have the opportunity!

Any comments on the logo? A little conservative but perhaps better than recently criticized London one?

Anyway, congrats again…Ya zhelau mnogo belok!!!



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4 responses to “Congratulations Sochi!

  1. AK

    If they can pull off a good logo, I won’t boycott like I am with the London games.

  2. Igor

    The logo isn’t bad though i can’t understand why there are those Russian words in the right corner. I’m afraid that if you took this picture from some Russian site then there could be some kind of a joke about this picture so be careful 🙂

  3. John Hartwell

    That’s the candidate city logo. It’s used for the duration of the bid process. The official logo won’t be designed for a couple of years yet.

    Also, for your gee-whiz moment, the bid for Sochi 2014 was put together right here in da ATL, baby. Helios Partners, under the direction of Terrence Burns, pulled the whole thing together. The bid book is huge, a three volume monster outlining how Sochi will stage the Games. Pretty exciting stuff. Check ’em out at

  4. Eugene Tsypin

    2Igor: Don’t worry, the Russian words in the right corner of the logo only mean: “I wept” :))) and probably expresses the picture author’s positive attitude to the event!

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