73, Cloudy and so very content

I love this weather!  I just have to exclaim it, it makes me so happy!!!

Can anyone tell me where I can find 73 and cloudy in the summer, on a regular basis?  Please, please, pretty please?  It just improves my mood so much – I have the windows open, it’s not a steam bath outside, and I can walk to the store without melting.  And there are clouds!  I get really depressed when it’s endless sunny, faded blue scorching hot days.  I’m weird, I know, but I need clouds.  And heat just makes me grumpy.

So, you can see why I am so happy today…tell me where I can find a paradise where it is always like this!!!   I feel like when I was studying art restoration in Sevilla, Spain for a summer, and dying in the constant 40 degree Celsius heat with no AC…I had a strange bout of depression haunt me, but afterward I took a flight to Prague and suddenly my spirits lifted in the most amazing fashion. I got off the plane and was surrounded by overcast skies and cooler temperatures, and immediately fell at ease.  I still consider the Czech Republic my number one place I’d like to live, but there are more reasons other than weather.

So, as a plan B, tell me where I can get this!  I want to be there!


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One response to “73, Cloudy and so very content

  1. Surprisingly, it’s not that much nicer all the way up here in Canuck land! We get about the same temperatures (if not a little less) but with the same mugginess and steam-inducing sunshine! Damn global warming! I think Siberia is nice this time of year.. 😛

    Miss you!

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