Best 5 seconds on the web

In case you haven’t seen this yet, let me get you up do date with a new web obsession, the “dramatic prairie dog”.  Mason was kind enough to pass this on to me, and after a little research, I unviled a cult following of this little rodent.  It actually all began on a Japanese childrens’ show, but somehow just spread like crazy on the internet. 

While it is squirrely in the face, most people had been dubbing him the “dramatic chipmunk”.  A few people also called him a hamster, but prairie dog affecionados were offended by this, and wanted to set it straight.  This is a Dramatic Prairie Dog, and don’t you forget it.  As a side note, I always wanted a prairie dog, but they’re not legal in Georgia.


Anyway, perhaps some of you can recall the dancing hamster craze that was ruthlessly spread around in the late 90s.  Well, this apparently is having the same cult following.


People are now making “remixes” and submitting their own parodies. 


In fact,  is even selling the t-shirts. Yes, I really want one!

Well, maybe this will do some good. I’m very against the Forest Service’s plans to poison them…I’d rather not have my tax dollars go to that just to please a few rachers.  Sign the petition to stop it!


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  1. OMG!!! The web has come full circle. I had no idea!!!

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