Brief moment of cool


Finally I’ve become cool.  Society will now accept me.  Now I’ll be invited to parties and social gatherings.  Yes, I’ve bought and recieved my first Apple product: the iPod.

Ok, so I’m terribly out of the loop, society will still look at me oddly, and Jessica was already inviting me to parties and social gatherings regardless (hopefully she won’t give up on me, I’m not good at attending social gatherings). 

It’s just a year after being perfectly satisfied with my faux-pod (Creative Nano something), so I’m excited to see what all the hype is about.  Since 2004 people started telling me their best friend at the gym was their iPod, and I MUST get one.  Eh. Anything I MUST get usually turns me off immeadiately.  I continued listening to music the old fashioned way (burning CDs) until the CD player in my car died…then came my faux-pod, which was a fraction of the price of an iPod, the size of an eraser, and had every feature, radio, recording, even some too advanced for me to grasp…it even came with an arm band for the gym, free!

Nonetheless, I’ve recently traded in my first un-born child and two mortage payments for the new Mac Book Pro.  With it came the iPod Nano and another free printer (total: 6 in our flat…enough with the free printers!).  Pig, a sucker for techie toys, decided to upgrade after a trip to the Apple store.  Video!  30 gig!  Engraving! Bigger shape is more fun for man hands!  And $50 more, there you go!  I know, a year from now, I’ll be wondering why I paid this and it doesn’t even come with a phone, camera and a tetragigawhatever hardrive.

So, while I’m waiting for the MBP to arrive and join the PC club of coolness & silver 15″ notebooks, I’m gonna go walk down Peachtree exuding all the urban coolness I can muster…and I’ll probaby end up at my Starbucks as usual.  If anyone is up for a nap in a cup, come join me, and I might just let you sit at my table.


Ah!  the fine packaging!  Clever advertising! (Pirate of the Caribean pic on the cover).  Sleek styling!  Polite request not to steal music on protective plastic! (almost made me feel immoral for all my free music moments)  The free engraving!  The aesthetic design!  So this is what it’s all about!  Ok, now I’ll go charge it…



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2 responses to “Brief moment of cool

  1. Welcome to the club! You’re gonna love it. Except when your AUX button on your car radio dies…then you’ll begin to loathe the fact that you stopped putting cds in your car. Here’s to a trip to the Toyota dealership for a fix that better be under warrenty!

  2. andrearf

    WHat’s an AUX botton on a car radio? My car is 10 years old with the original crap factory radio. I had a fancy shmancy 12 disc CD player that loaded in the trunk, and now I just use a tape player adapater with the faux-pod. I know, I know, they don’t make tape players anymore in this millenia…but as you can see, i’m pretty slow in this world…

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