Second Quarter…taking it further


Second Quarter is officially over. Done. Kaput. I’ve finally had a day to do absolutely nothing, which I partially took advantage of – I did spend a little time cleaning up all the x-acto blades scattered across the flat.
As of 2pm yesterday, Thursday, things wrapped up and I attended a casual beer tasting in the evening to celebrate. Thursday morning was a different story, which is a good example of my pathetic time-management skills. My last poster was sent to Imagers at 5am, and had to be picked up at 11. I then had to go over to Perimeter area to get my photos, which were running late due to being understaffed. Then back to school to trim my photos and mount my poster, by 1pm. And yes, despite my poor timing, I pulled it off, in time for two critiques.
And now that this quarter is over, I am left with a completely different feeling. Last quarter was disappointment in myself and depression, whereas now I am ready for more challenge and feel I might even have a little direction.  My projects had a much better pace to them, which helped immensely in the final deliverable…last quarter I was putting together housing units hours before critique, without having done mock ups of them previously, and I never had a chance to work out the kinks.  AFter a harsh critique, I read other student blogs about how they felt PC was for them, and I wasn’t sure I felt the same way. 
Needless to say, I hope to never revisit those First Quarter experiences. Did I grow, improve my skills during those first 10 weeks? Yes I suppose, but not to the level I’ve felt for this quarter. I suppose first quarter was more a growth in balancing life, adjusting to a crazy school and balancing a marriage, house and job. I think things were too frantic to really allow me to look inside myself and explore things as deeply as I could have.
I must say this quarter pushed me to try things I never would have thought to try, and never would have carried out if it weren’t for the encouragement of my instructors and peers. There was the attempt at claymation, which helped give me an identity of my own; also spray-painting my own graffiti in the Krog Street Tunnel for the sake fo God and Anne. I visited BBDO and was immensly inspired…and started to crave an internship.  I pushed things out of my cautious level with my packaging, using 1950s pinup girls for my images. Maybe that would never make it to the market, but it’s finally sunk in that I need to take this time at school to do things I might never have another opportunity to try. I even baked a pizza for one certain class…
So as I’m being pushed to become more diverse, more experimental and crazy, I’m looking forward to what the next quarter will bring, and what it will do to me. Keep you posted…


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  1. AK

    It’s good to hear that you’re still around and in good spirits.

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