That time again…

Where’d the floor go?

Well loyal friends, I’m afraid it’s that time of quarter again- my floor has become invisible and I must go into hiding for a bit.  That’s right, studio week is in full steam, and critique week is a bit drawn out this quarter.

Despite the fatigue and insanity of these two weeks, things are so much better this time around as a second quarter student.  Time and projects are more managable, and my classes have more depth – to name a few of the improvements.    I’ve thought this periodically through the whole 10 weeks, and my opinion hasn’t changed.  In fact, tonight it only was reinforced…that’s right, after all these weeks in second quarter, with even some all-nighters in there, tonight is the first night for beer and cereal.

That may not sound so significant, but believe me, last quarter sometimes that was all I had to keep me going in the middle of the night/morning.  By the second week of Sylvia’s class, I realized that Monday nights were not meant for sleep, and if I could make it to 4am, I could break out a bottle Abita Purple Haze and some dry Kashi cereal.  No, the beer was not poured over the cereal, it was just a beverage and snack that provided incentive while I sketched, cut, and pasted together endless Apache pigs.  In fact, the beer and cereal snack developed into its own meal – yes, dinner and breakfast in one.  I was at work in Roswell on Mondays till late evening, and Sylvia’s class was 8am Tuesday, so it was too late for dinner, and a little too early for breakfast (who has time for that anyway?)…thus this was my “dinfest”, or my “breakner”.  Ok, those don’t sound so great, I’ll just chalk it up to a great new product invented by a tired Protfolio Center student.

Anyway, best wishes to my fellow classmates, they’re the ones who make the 4am beer and cereal worthwhile…


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