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For those outside the PC circuit, I need to come up with a few blog layouts/designs concepts for my Media Arts class.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make one of these a reality someday and move everything to my un-developed webpage that I recently set up.  I’m getting ready to move on from my red and black theme on WordPress anyhow – I need a better virtual habitat for my squirrels.

After researching other blogs, I started off sketcheing layouts and color schemes and came up with three basic ideas.  I’m not sure where I placed those old-fashioned marker and paper drawings, but this is what resulted when I took everything into the computer and tried to give a ruff (emphasize the ruff) visual in a digital context.

I built these at something along the lines of 17″x10″ so they look pretty bad squished into the WordPress margins.  If you have other ideas on how to present that uses little file space, please let me know.

Idea #1 is based on bright spring-y happy colors, but could have a revolving color pallet depending on the season.  The images are to be all vector illustrations…a little ruff in the example but all I did for this was scan my sketches and live trace.  I like the idea of creating some sort of “icon” character, as it could be useful in branding myself down the road.  I think elements of this could also translate well into other formats, namely a business card I hope to someday possess.

The second option is based on photographs mixed with the digital world…blog meets “The Science of Sleep.”  I think Anne Elser has got me into mixing up the hand-made into my projects, as I’m enjoying building my images outside of the computer with everyday objects.  Anyway, appealing to the crafty surreal side here.


The third option is meant to have a little flash in it, using a bit from my claymation squirrels to unroll the title of my blog…just look at the Park Pride posts and imagine it.  I also included images of other things that appeal to my ridiculous side, such as blowfish (I have some with sombreros I’d use) and doodles of knotted weiner dogs.  Much more weird stuff could be added.


Again, these are all just “sketches” that I spent way too long mocking-up, but is necessary for the next step….. Feedback needed! 


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  1. wonderful. We will talk more about them in class.

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