Editing for Anne


So I spent more time on this flipbook this week than the last couple of weeks…and you wouldn’t even know it! Ok, some formatting was done for the print version, and you can kinda see that…  So, for this weeks class, I wanted to get it printed and make a cover, but I got this great idea that I should try some editing, color corrections, and a grand finale zoom-in.  Sounds pretty easy, and I’m sure next year at this time the days it took me to make those changes will be reduced to minutes..but working in Photoshop/Bridge with batches, adding layers and setting up actions took a little time to get the hang of, and just getting 130 files to work together is a challenge.  But, here it is – I’m not sure if the end zoom-in is too cheesy, but I didn’t know how else to clarify the web address.  Feedback is welcome!!!


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One response to “Editing for Anne

  1. jessicatillyer

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful! Just when I thought you had it perfect you make it even more perfect. You are really an inspiration to us all!


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