Send a designer to Bonnaroo!

Hey let’s help out a fellow designer and get’im to Bonnaroo through the 2007 DAVE FM Search-A-Roo contest, where the winner gets to play live at the Bonnaroo Music Festival.  So my dear coworker, Greg Spencer, has been in the music circle for years and is just now getting some of the recognition he deserves.  In addition to his musical talent, he spends his days as an innovative graphic designer.  Check him out and vote for Big Atomic  – it’s down to 4 finalists for Bonnaroo, and you need him to go.  Why you ask?  Well, even if he doesn’t jive with your pallet or you don’t have ears, who would you want to be performing with The Police, Ween, Widespread Panic, etc etc?  Just some average dudes who play instruments, or a musician reprezentin’ your design community?  That’s right, designers unite and let’s send one of our own!  Vote for Big Atomic and let’s add some fabulous design aesthetics to Bonnaroo!


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