Take Three


So here’s my third attempt at my claymation flipbook, and the response so far hasn’t been positive.  A scathing review from Pig makes me wonder if I’m progressing or whatever the opposite word for that is.  I really had high hopes of making a final capture tonight – my actors are falling apart and need a long rest – but it looks like this was another step somewhere…in the right direction?  Not so sure.   After all these hours put into making a 10 second clip, I was hoping to have something a little closer to a finished product, not something that evokes silence and a facial expression of a disdainful sneer.

As for the change in copy – I really wanted to tie it in to Park Pride’s mission statement, which emphasizes improvement to parks rather than just keeping them clean.  Pig wasn’t thrilled with the change (among many other details) but I think it is better for Park Pride than the previous text.  Also, I see Park Pride as an underdog around here, and thought it might be nice to pass this on to them – their webpage has a primitive feel but I doubt they have the funds to improve it.  We’ll see if I can get a decent version first…

Well, I’m very tired tonight so that’s not helping the sad, gray cloud that lingers above me.  On a positive note, special thanks to Dre for helping me with my tripod issues…my squirrels thanks you.


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  1. graceposer

    This is so great Andrea! I love these little squrirrels! Its like a tv series for me now (I dont own a tv) all i have are these little squirrels and i love them.. i can really see you working them into your blog design… they would be sad if they werent a part of it… oh and you should send atlanta parks a copy, they will love you forever, you will probably get lots of free passes to stuff. i think that was a great idea to link it back to them!

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