Minor Observations


So excuse the terrible quality of my phone camera, but I thought I could capture plain and simple another perk to shopping at farmers markets.  The fruit flan cake on the top is from Publix, and the chocolate cream cheese croissants on the bottom are from the Dekalb Farmers Market.  Perhaps the flan has more stuff in it, but half the ingredients listed there are strange, strange names I’ve never seen before.  The croissants however, have common things that I know…and a little bit of a description of each: organic patent flour, non-fat organic dry milk, cage free eggs, filtered water…etc.

Anyway, perhaps as this country turns a little more green and starts to care about what we put in our mouths, I think farmers markets have an edge.  Sure, chocolate chip cream cheese croissants aren’t healthy, but when you need something for “polnik” (4 o’clock tea for Russians), perhaps it’s better that they aren’t loaded with mystery chemcicals.  Also, the Dekalb Farmers Market does not use preservatives either so don’t let em sit around…but that’s usually not a problem.  And one last  thing, $2.69 for three, usually still warm from being baked on site – you can’t beat that.


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