The Price is Certainly Right


While blogsurfing I learned the sad news of Bob Barker’s retirement…now who will spread the fiery gospel of spay and neuter your pets ?

Ok, anyway, back in April when reading Seth Godin and talking about web 2.0 was all the rage, I got this evite from some acquaintances…yes, come see them on the Price is Right.  I know Seth was bashing evite, saying it’s oh-soWeb 1.0 you loosers, but something about seeing this evite for a Price is Right party seemed so out of place…not because evite is supposedly old-fashioned now, but because it is so modern juxtaposed against a Price is Right backdrop.  I was amused but the kitchy-ness of the game show – and its old greens and oranges sitting next to poorly rendered web graphics.  Yes, come to think about it, I give credit to the Price is Right.  They kept their colors, magic spinny wheel and all its girls girls girls with Bob, and yet still survived all these decades…in a couple of years, evite will probably become a forgotten name.

Yes, and I heard from friends that my aqucaintances managed to score $11,000 and a hot tub. 


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  1. agian though the only good thing with this card (IMHO) is the pricture for the Price Is Right… Which is outstanding. Anyway, I think Evite is ok… but it could be done better.

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