Mix Page Mishaps


So this is what my mix page looks like…sometimes…i was so darn proud of the little bugger this weekend – researching how to play music automatically and making transparency screens – and then when I pulled it up in class on monday on at PC, I quickly shut the site.  Ah, the joys of learning html and css – so much for trying to add onto the yewknee format.  I almost called it growing pains, but you’d have to grow to have such pains…these are just starting pains.  Anyway, if you do visit my page and it resembles the one above, I’d be very excited to know.  However, at school the page was missing its background, the image was on the wrong side, the transparency box for the text was gone, and I’m not sure if the song played automatically.   This image was taken from the computer where I work, and it looks the same at my flat as well…both on pcs.

I know, the code is a train wreck.  There probably isn’t any quick solution other than to just learn it right, and CSS in 24 Hours was recomended to me (I will be getting it, but by the times it arrives there will be less than 24 days left to critique!).  Anyway, since I put a lot of time into learning it wrong, I just wanted to post a little pic to show what was intended, and in fact did appear at some locations…


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  1. hey! your screen grab looks great! You should download FireFox. That will give you the ability to view what your making.

    One of the tricks with HTML is that it gets rendered slightly differently on different browsers. 🙂

    Great work all the same. I’m glad to see you trying new things. Kudos.

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