Little things

So another day spent in the ‘burbs of Roswell in the stuffy printing lab…of course I use every spare moment to slack off online or read the ID magazines laying around.  Anyway, when I did a lot of trend research (we’re talking $2000 high-end diaper bags, motor cycle gloves, toddler couture, and anything related to the product research here) I always came across a lot of cool web sites, always scribbled them down to take home and look at later, and always lost those pieces of paper.  So, I started a notebook and organized my websites there by catergory.  Ok, that lasted a week, then it became just a bunch of scribbles bound together, then I lost the note book…

Recently, I started seeing mentioned and had no idea what it was…I looked it up, and viola!  it is actually something simple that can help me a great bit in a very simple way.  I usually assume site that I don’t know anything about but are mentioned frequently are too complicated, too trendy, too business related, or will take a lot of time to read.  Nope, I spent 2 minutes getting to the point, downloaded in a minute, and then had myself a virtual scribble pad of fav websites…only it wasn’t a scribble pad, but an organized tag listing that connected me to other organized lists, that I could reach via any computer. 

Maybe this is old news, maybe safari or firefox have this built in, but in my humble land of internet explorer all I ever had was a lengthy and difficult to navigate favorite list at home and scribbled pieces of paper at work.  Anyway, is just a little tool that takes very little time to understand and install but will help me in little bits for a long time.  Cheers to the little things!


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