When designers have too much fun…


So according to Ya Plakal, a Russian design/photo/humor/bad soft porn site (just a warning, it’d be a cool site if it weren’t for the latter), this is a prototype created by several designers for an expo in London.  The use?  According to the post, to increase the speed with which employees can move between offices and floors in a workplace.

Practical?  No.  Fun?  Yes!  I doubt it will ever be put into use (at least in lawsuit happy US), but when you combine play + creativity in the hands of designers, great ridiculous things can happen!  Maybe prototype #1 is a bit outlandish, but #99 could take us somewhere phenomenal…



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2 responses to “When designers have too much fun…

  1. jessicatillyer

    That would make me feel reallllllly castrophobic!

  2. graceposer

    they need to install one of those things from my window to the PC, that would be so fun!!

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