Four letter Me


I took the Jung personality about 10 years ago, and my classification still hasn’t changed after a recent go at it again in Anne’s class.  For those that haven’t taken it, this isn’t a cheesy “what flavor of hummus are you” testto put on your MySpace page (I will admit, I do have the Are you more dog or cat? quiz on mine, and I am proudly 70% dog).  It can be alarmingly accurate, and the descriptions of the 16 types are extremely detailed.

So, if you can’t get a hold of Anne’s book to take the test yourself, give it a shot on-line and see what you get (as a plus, they do all the math for you).  I don’t know the best site, but I browsed a few, and here’s one of them.

Oh, and here’s to the INFPs of the world…

For INFPs, life is a journey to understand themselves and the world. Where some others may strive for achievements such as degrees and promotions, an INFP tends to consider these as important mainly for their value in making it easier to fulfill the INFP’s life goals.

INFPs value authenticity, acceptance, and the search for meaning in life in both the ordinary events of life and the grand scheme of the universe. One source of sustenance for INFPs are those small, genuine gestures from the heart, be they from loved ones or strangers.

INFPs have many interests and talents. They are generally good at perceiving possibilities for improving the world and understanding others. They are often clear at expressing ideas through language, writing, poetry, and other talents. When an INFP supports a particular project or goal, they can get an extraordinary amount of work done in a short time. On the other hand, INFPs tend to procrastinate and are dissatisfied by detailed work not related to one of their important values. This is one reason INFPs are happier when working at jobs which are related to their values.

It goes on and on…read here if you like.



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3 responses to “Four letter Me

  1. graceposer


  2. graceposer

    what are we going to do about this this interveiw thing

  3. Oddly enough… I have the same results as you. Which is odd because I don’t consider myself to be nearly as creative… something is off, I’m going to find another test to take. :-p

    BTW, I’ll be back in Atlanta on May 31…

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