My Friday Night


Clay-mation squirrels for Emotive Type



Filed under Squirrels

7 responses to “My Friday Night

  1. I love it! You should do more of these…

  2. Anne

    Excellent! I’m linking you to my beelog.

  3. Right!! Do more. I watched over and over again. I like it that the middle guy exits crawing over his own work and that the two on the right work as a team. Really fun.

  4. oops…..that’d be “crawling”

  5. this is AWESOME! I want to see more of these!!

  6. andrearf

    Thanks for all the positive feedback! this was my first time venturing into claymation and flash, this definitely gives me the enthusiasism to keep going 🙂

  7. Oh man, all your work in every class is amazing. You rock!!

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