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So after the Octane fiasco today, I went to interview local designer Ivan Trujillo.  I’ve known Ivan for about a year and a half, as he often freelances with Kimberly-Clark.  Originally from Cali, Columbia, he has an interesting journey through several continents in his quest for the fine arts and design.  In addition, he has an amicable personality and enjoyable sense of humor.  In between work and a very busy social life, Ivanis currently getting his MFA in Graphic Design at SCAD Atlanta.  If you haven’t met him yet in the ATL night scene, keep an eye out for him in the design world…

Here are the questions asked, I’ll post the interview shortly.

Can you share with us your educational background? It’s quite an adventure in itself, I’ve heard…

What led you to take an artistic path – to totally change what you wanted to study and jump across to another part of the world? Your first degree in Cali wasn’t exactly art oriented, correct? How did you get to an art school in London without swimming?

You have a background in many forms of art – why did you choose Design as your area of focus?

Does Columbia have its own design style, and has it influenced you in your work?

Share a little bit about the SCAD MFA program so we Portfolio Center students know what we’re not missing.

Who are your design heroes/favorites?

How to you grow coffee? And why don’t Columbians like it?

Do you think being Latin gives you a unique edge in the design business? Do you ever feel discriminated against (besides from your KC coworkers)? Are your clients mainly Latin, or a wide variety?

What is the best project you have every worked on? (and don’t say “Making it real to grow”)

What are the current hotspots for nightlife in the ATL?

Give me one sentence that describes you and your perspective on design.


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  1. looking forward to the inverview. great questions.

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