The Ugly Truth on Heros

I don’t have any heroes, and I don’t have any questions.  There, I said it.  It’s hard to plan an interview when you don’t have any of the above.  Damn frustrating too.  I feel like it’s a reflection on my own character – you don’t have heroes?  Well, if you want to be anything, or want any success or want to be a good designer, you’d better get some. 

Well, how do you get heroes?  Look at webpages for stuff you like?  I guess I lump “heroes” and “liking” into two different categories.  Part of my job in Roswell is doing trend research, and I’ve spent the last 2 years searching through WGSN and other smaller sites for trend forcasting.  Did anyone from those hundreds of site strike me as a hero? No.  What the hell is wrong with me?  Should I be an accountant instead?

Heros have passed through my life, but as I think more about it, they are either dead or MIA!  And none of them are design related!

Heda Kovaly-after reading her amazing bio, I spent several months writing to journalists in the Czech Republic to find her.  Mission was accomplished, but as I said in class, it’s been a while since I heard anything and I fear for the worst.

Daniel-bek Dagaev – Chechen refugee I met while working at a refugee camp in northern Czech Republic.  Amazing man, but our correspondence also ended abruptly.

Marc Chagall – Yeah, the famous painter.  First guy that really changed my perspective on how to approach art.  Dead.

 Anna Akmahtova – Amazing poet.  Long dead.

 My father – floor cleaner at IBM – turned software developer (thank him for word wrap), software engineer for NASA’s shuttles, started own business.  Sorry, not among the living either.  

I’m also frustrated because I feel so isolated from all PC students outside my Winter 07 group.  I lived on campus during my undergrad, and I know there is a huge difference in the social scene between those that are around school and those that aren’t.  And I feel like the Co-Ho world has a huge advantage, and I’m on another planet.  Likewise, with my projects, work, car problems, family, and a home that is battling demolition from developers, I feel I have little time to socialize.  I feel I knew more students before I came to PC, just from reading their blogs!

Sorry for the shpiel, but it has been a very long day –  an all-nighter, my in-laws leaving, class from 1-11, car issues, and a bunch of emails detailing a very long day at work tomorrow.  Once the caffeine drains out of me, I’ll calm down and maybe sleep a little.

I appreciate the help I recieved in class with an interview person, any crack in a door is a great help!  I just wish I was a little bit more intune with the world of other designers and spent more time remembering names and being inspired.


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One response to “The Ugly Truth on Heros

  1. graceposer

    Andrea, we are sisters from another mother (or however that saying goes) I hate the hero question too (sorry hate is such a strong word) and questions, what the hell should I ask, and designers (if you asked me to name one right now I would give you a blank stare. So for the questions I think we should probably ask what God means to her, what a logo for Lenin would look like and what a product for Eleanor Roosevelt would be.

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