Mighty Belka!

It’s alive! Check out my stab at my very own page.  I learned basic HTML for a high school class back in ’97, but I forgot mucho in the past 10 years…mainly actually getting my content to connect to my domain was the most frustrating.  Cyberduck looks like a lovely product, but there are still a few stone-age PC users out there (though this won’t be for long, hopefully), and the website made it look like it was Mac-only.  I turned to good ol’ Microsoft’s FTP, though I know there must be an easier, better  way. It got rather annoying having to move my html file from my hard drive (windows explorer for me) over to the FTP each time I revised it (it looked like changes were instantaneous in class last Monday).  Anyway, my splash is up, Amen.  I couldn’t get access to the portfoliocenter.net page, but I’m not going to waste time on something I don’t intend to use.  So, to repeat my sentiments, Amen.


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  1. congrats on getting your file up. I’m sure there are a ton of free open source FTP programs out there you can use on Windows. (prob more than there are on the mac)

    Also, and not to be too picky (but I am) you need to open Note Pad (windows) and write your html page by hand. I looked at your document and it would seam you used FrontPage; this is a carnal sin in the web world. 😉

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