Bush goes Tribal


So after viewing those adorable dance shots of Yeltsin yesterday, I came across some footage of our own president making some moves during Malaria Awareness Day.  While Yeltsin made me wanna say “awwww, how funny,” the footage of Bush had an opposite effect.  It made me annoyed and ashamed – this is our president? 

So what was it that set Bush apart during his tribal jamming?  His monkey-like expressions, my predisposition against current politics, his somewhat mocking behavior of another culture, or the fact that he is leader of my country?  Well, I would pity any country that had a leader with those facial expressions!  Still, to have such a polar opposite reaction to two world leaders acting silly in public was a bit interesting to me.  Was Yelstin expresssing himselfwith child-like innocence (or humanly drunk), while Bush wanted attempt to look like he cared about a cause?  What do you think?





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