Zooming and Amatuer Video


I work for a small department in a large corporation, and lately have been noticing that the mentality of the company contains many of the details Seth Grodin uses to describe companies that are slow to change and take risks.  I’ve been here 2 years now, though the past 4 months since life at PC began have made me part-time.  With that said, I can say this is a very conservative company with very little zoomwidth.  Zooming is scary.  This is a company that’s been around for an incredibly long time, is subdivided into many smaller companies, and thrives on its conservative image.  It is slow to embrace change, as I said, and I wonder about its future.  It will still be ok, but not as strong as it could be.

With that said, it took me by surprise today while look at their internal website to see an article about their new “edgy” advertisement technique.  Here is the opening paragraph:

 “In an age when many consumers simply fast-forward through commercials, it takes an unconventional ad campaign to get people talking. The edgier and funnier, the better. ”

That sounds like Seth’s thinking, not the dinosaur logic of my company.  So, this campaign was basically an amateur video competition for the web….and people loved it, according to the article.  It improved sales for the smaller division’s product and got consumers actively – very actively – involved.  Check it out for yourself, Duckbill Mask Videos.  I’m proud of the zooming done at work today.


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