Commitment Issues=Creative Life Choices

Our Thursday speaker, PC alum John Givens , had a few comments that stood out to me during his documentary…first of all, and not too importantly, he noted that he was applying to art school (if I have this wrong, correct me, I mean no harm!).  As someone who already went through that (at least an undergrad in art), I wondered why he was choosing this path now…I went that way, and started ending up in jobs that took me further and further away from  the arts…so I ended up at PC to get me back on track (not so much in “art”, but “creating”).  I wondered what part of PC did not fill his creating needs, or did he just want to pursue a specialized field in the fine arts?  Did design jobs let him down, burn him out?  My work in the fine arts introduced me to the Art Business World – infinitely shallow and uncreative.  Are we two trains passing in opposite directions?  Or, did PC and jobs in the design field open up more creative ambitions, while supplying him with the financial backing to pursue art school?  Yeah, I should’ve just asked him, he was sitting right next to me.  I know, gotta shed that you-are-worthless, lower-than-dirt, don’t-you dare raise-your-head-to-anyone thinking that swept over me post-1st quarter critique and get on with it.  Maybe I’ll send out an email yet.

In addition to those ideas above, I loved the scenario in his documentary where he tried to describe what he is, or maybe has been, or is doing now.  That is why I am here!  That’s why I came to PC, where I could get into a little of everything – design, photo, illustration, computer whatever – even learning the construction of jacobs ladders.  I don’t want to pigeon myself as just one thing, that’s for bankers to do! 

I might be able to handle marriage, but I can’t commit to an occupation!  I mean, spending the rest of you life doing just one thing?!?!  You tend to spend more of the day at work than with a spouse anyway, spice it up a bit!  I have commitment issues, and I came to PC to change them from being an issue, to creative life choices.  Yes, ADD in the work world, and I am happy about it!



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2 responses to “Commitment Issues=Creative Life Choices

  1. AK

    My guess would be that he is going back to school to obtain a masters or doctorate. I don’t think you make a film like that for entertainment value or for art’s sake. But that’s my take.

  2. I would send him an emai. It’s a great question and i think would offer a good bit of perspective. My guess is that his design carreer (day job) has enabled him to pursue more personal undertakings. Also, having the fine arts background will help you in your career.

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