Why Seth is a Wise Man

mit.jpgI just finished listening to the TED video with Seth Godin.  He of course has many great points, but I have to say, he completely won me over with his mockery of the Arby’s oven mitt.  I noticed that was filmed in 2003, and I remember having loathsome conversations with my coworkers in 2004 after someone brought Arby’s for lunch.  Even the cups had that swarmy little glove on it.  We took the napkins and with sharpies, added our own additions to them.  As much as I new somewhere there was a lonely heart in that glove, I couldn’t love him (maybe the Tom Arnold voice had something to with it – though I thought it was just a random obnoxious guy at the time).   I never even linked the oven mitt idea with Arby’s trying to show it didn’t serve “fried” roast beef sandwiches as I just saw some web site mentioning (we’ll forget the fries and other sides).  I just thought the people took an unimaginative approach to ripping off the Hamburger Helper guy.  Now he had charisma!  Anyway, Seth, you’ve won me over, as long as you’re still anti-Oven Mitt guy.  It’s been a few years now and I think he’s been retired to the drawer, thankfully…and actually I had forgot all about him until Seth’s recent mention -their “Different Is Good” campaign from the 90s still sticks with me.  Fans of the Oven Mitt – don’t take offense, you helped make Arby’s get their $80 million worth….just voicing an opinion to the world through my window in WordPress….



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2 responses to “Why Seth is a Wise Man

  1. dig the new template.

  2. AndreaRF

    thanks for the compliment…but I can’t get my blog title to come up…any suggestions? I switched mainly because my last template wouldn’t show my subtitle, where I could put my name. ..I know you wanted to be able to identify our blogs as easily as possible.

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