Tragic Tale


A tragic incident today…I had a certain little photo assignment that involved pears, you might have heard.  So, before going to work, I set up my family portrait center for my family of pairs I found at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market.  After taking a few rushed shots and needing to get to work, I moved everyone out of the sun, and noticed mother pear was getting a little soft.  I gently set her in the fridge, and left for the day.  To ruin the suspense of this story, I had forgotton that my step-father was dropping something off at my flat that afternoon.  He has a key, I tell him to come and go as he wants, make himself at home…but…..  I don’t have to tell you.  You can see where this is going.  I had just been to the Farmers Market…I had a bountiful supply of bananas, apples, sliced honeydew, and grapes.  But there was something that drew him to that semi-mushy pear, as if he knew it had a special purpose to it.  Did my pear try to hide, but accidentally sneeze and gave away itself?  Why why why, was the question after I came home from work, ready to take my final pics for class of the happy family of pears – mother, father and three dear children, to devastation.  After searching for a while, I called my stepfather for confirmation and then found the withered carcass of mother pear.  I sighed, another broken home had just entered society.

So what does this have to do with anything?  I just feel like telling my story?  kinda.  Don’t wait til the last minute to do your work?  Nah, that will never change.  Instead, in our happy little digital age, we need to remember to talk to people, communicate and not go about on assumptions.  While I was busy typing emails at work and prepping files, my pear was in danger.  If only I had left a note or called by stepfather, mother pear still might be with us today.


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  1. AK

    I love this picture. I knew the story before I read on.

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