Cold and happy

I just wanna say how happy it makes me that it’s so cool out.  I mean, it’s April and already it’s normally almost hellish here.  Though a little too much on the gray side, it’s been wonderful weather, and that greatly improves my mood (I actually got severely depressed when studying in spain – several months of cloudless days, 100+ weather and no airconditioning…makes me gloomier than a 1st quarter critique!).  A little heat is ok, but it seems Atlanta summers never ever end…hang onto winter/spring while we can!

Yes, I know everyone on the planet adores hot weather and hates the cold, but I know there are a few of you wackos out there!  Someday we will unite and form a web-union of our own.  Sweater-lovers UNITE!



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2 responses to “Cold and happy

  1. jessicatillyer

    I can’t believe this. Yes I am a Yankee, but I am dying for warm weather. I am sick of being cooooooold.

  2. graceposer

    let it snow let it snow let it snow

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