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So, AK’s comment on my film vs. digital photo post gives me something to write about, as I’ll re-write my slain Second Life post a little later on. 

So, to recap, AK was let down by the predictable outcomes of the darkroom – which means he knew what he was doing, unlike myself.  He had school newspaper deadlines, and I was making art for art’s sake.  I will add though, just to brag, I was editor of the Feature section of the paper, so I got to yell at those people to make deadline.   ignorance is bliss bliss bliss…

So, my deep thought of the day (hardy har har….) – Digital is the Starbucks of the world.  It’s comfortable, convenient, it’s a great product and has almost everything you could ever ask for like Jackie’s Starbucks with the drive through window.  Is film (so it’s called analog?) the Intermezzo of the world?  No.  If you had ever seen or smelled my school’s cockroach filled darkroom, hell no.  Working with film is like going to Ethiopia to get the damn bean yourself.  It’s a long trip, it could be rather unpleasant, and you don’t know what’s going to happen unless you know what you’re doing.  I don’t think I need to go further into travel to Ethiopian coffee bean land to express my point.  Why would you want to do this?  Ever?  If you need coffee and need it within several months time, just go to Starbucks.  Remember, you still gotta harvest those beans, roast them, and do whatever else it is that gets done, plus get them through customs (i have lots of fun stories about moscow customs as it is).   But, after any long trip, it’s those unexpected stories and terrible memories that always make the worst trip worthwhile (though maybe not immeadiately) for the travel enthusiast.

But, someday when I have an expendable income and time, I wanna go to Ethiopia.  Not for coffee beans, actually I collect coke bottles from around the world from my travels and the travel of others (from Afghanistan to Kuwait to Gibraltar, and about 50 more…donations accepted!).  But I hope to do go there someday, because I love travel just as I hope to someday set up a darkoom because I love seeing this archaic technique bring something to life. 

 And, if you need great, phenomenal research or inspiration for travel and blogging, check out Tavelblog.  Beware though, you get addicted to follwoing some people around… Andrew Garner’s  10 month bike-packing trip from England to Singapore had me tuned in for half a year (it’s actually a memorblog from a 2001 trip, but he coincided dates to match up with 06-07 dates…his honest responses to the World Trade Center as it happens and prediction to the world’s response in his side notes are often very chilling).  Anyway, Andy just finished up his memorblog, and I’m a little sad…I’ve been with him since Ukraine, through tuff times in Mongolia’s Gobi and fun in the Vietnamese jail.

I do catch up on a few other blogs at that site, and through a couple backpackers in Africa learned that the best coffee is in Rwanda…Ethiopa is always an option (well, we’ll see politically), but maybe in a couple of years we’ll see what’s shakin in Kigali…



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3 responses to “Coffee Photography and Travelblog

  1. AK

    To me, digital isn’t like Starbucks. Starbucks makes the shittiest cup of coffee ever. They rely on image to sell product. Unfortunately some people see “New Media” as a shallow fad, though they will acknowledge that it is the future (I won’t say who). I would argue that it is the present, and that it isn’t a novelty. I would say that something that is digital can be just as beautiful, just as meaningful as “Traditional Media.” It’s an art-form in and of itself. However, there are certain things that don’t need to be digital, or that don’t do service to the idea or capabilities of a digital media, that end up being novelty.

  2. AK

    Oh yeah: this website used to be a lot better, but it’s so different now, I don’t know what to say of it:

  3. andrearf

    So Jackie, if you read the responses here, do you agree? I know you take a lot of pride in your coffee (Starbucks), and it gets a lot of negative attention despite the amount of moeny we students give them, so take the stage!

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