Wow, I just wrote a pretty long post, and when I hit Save and Continue Editing, as I periodically do, only the first two words were saved.  Eevrything else just vanished.  I’m rather annoyed and thought higher of WordPress.  I just wasted 45 minutes commenting on Second Life….and nothing to show. Grrr.  I know, it’s not WordPress’s fault, more likely the computer, or the internet, my pencil, or my own bloody stupidity.  I even tried writing this stuff in Word the other day to prevent this sort of thing, but it gave me a really screwed up formatting when I pasted everything in here. 

So, this is my blog, and this is my time to vent.  Grr, Grr, Grrr.



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5 responses to “Annoyed

  1. as your typing you can do ‘save as draft’ so if your computer or internet or whatever dies… your work will be saved. You could also write it in gmail and it will auto save every few minutes. (you can also post from an email account)

    sorry to hear about the lost post….

    let us observe a moment of science….

  2. andrearf

    thank you for the sympathy. when one suffers such a great loss, that’s all one wants to hear, not the things i coulda shoulda done…that’ll come in handy next time.

  3. AK

    I don’t know about the blog, BUT if you install on your own server, (i.e., it saves your progress as you type. (wink) (shameless plug)

  4. andrearf

    hmmm, i don’t know how to do the whole “on your own server” thing (does that have to do with the stuff I just bought on GoDaddy?), but maybe some kindhearted souls will share. either way, I was enlightened by the glorious example given to me 🙂

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