Happy Easter/Passover and whatever you like

Yes, happy Easter to all who celebrate..and for everyone, happy day after easter when all the candy is on sale.  And for those of you who won’t be having an Easter ham, happy Passover.  And for those of you confused by all the bunny and rabbits, welcome to the American Hallmark Holiday.

Anyway, I have a Christian mother, Jewish stepfather and agnostic husband who aknowdlges the Russian Orthodox holidays…so covering all the holidays is a challenge.  I managed to make it to my mother’s for Easter dinner, and I’ll post pics shortly…(too tired to go find my camera and wait for it to upload)  I missed my step-father’s Sedar dinner last Monday night because of a wonderful class that conflicted (see how I value Media Arts?).  My in-laws will be in town from Moscow for Russian Easter, which I’m guessing will just mean extra drinks for everyone on that day.   I’ll be sure to post that occassion on here in a couple of weeks…


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