My other blog – to merge or not to merge?

Yeah so here I am on WordPress, dear world.  I’m not sure what to do with my other blog, as maintaining two blogs and being a PC students is a bit much for me….but I do need a personal outlet of sorts, so maybe I’ll keep Blogspot around for my personal complaining and pictures of dull family activities that will attract little of the global attention that exists out there (my own husband never reads it).  Yes, sorry I admit my other blog is not living up to its full global potential, but simply serving as a place to chart my progress with PC, complain about PC, and make note of the few activities that don’t pertain to PC at all.  I looked at a lot of blogs before I came to PC, and I will say that it was an influential tool in my decision to come here…I mean where else can you get honest feedback than from students’ drunk rants on their blogs?  Before I came here I wanted to know the good, bad and ugly, and blogs were the most “honest” places.  Why, I even stumbled upon Dave Werner’s blog and read all about what to expect if you’re optimistic…and he even wrote me an email after I contacted him!  Yes, I do believe that elevates me to VIP status.  I may not be a celebrity, but a PC celebrity did email me.  I never washed my monitor after that moment.

So anyway, I guess I’ll see what becomes of my other blog.  I don’t have the sylibus in front of me, so I’m not sure if there will be “themes” to write on, or just post what is going on in my little life.  So, I might just merge the blogs together so I can touch more people with post-critique depression posts and happy pictures of squirrels.  Maybe note.  We’ll see.  Meanwhile, enjoy… 




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4 responses to “My other blog – to merge or not to merge?

  1. glad to have you posting and in the class… I took a look at your other blog and if you want to use blogger cool with me. If you want to move from bloger over to wordpress cool also. If you want to run both… also cool.

    The only requirment is to have enouph post about design, PC, class, whatever so it’s more than just about what you had for breakfast. but then again…


  2. AK

    I do all my bitching and industry related blogging in one place, and so far, no complaints.

  3. Hey Andrea,
    Weren’t you looking to get the full photo of your squirrel posted, or was it meant to be chopped off? Once you transfer your photo into the editor, you can resize the photo there by clicking on it and seeing the little white squares pop up at each corner and midpoint. You might have to resize it a lot because the window is so small, but it works. It’s how I got my photo of my mess posted on my website without it being cut off. Sorry if this is redundant and you figured this out days ago.

  4. andrearf

    Thanks Jackie – but how do I get it to scale porportionately? Usually the shift key will do, but it’s not working for me…maybe it’s the darrned PC I’m working on…
    Mason gave me the code to change it manually, but this seemes much easier

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